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About Us

The Estonian Oil Association is a non-profit organisation founded in 1993. The Estonian Oil Association is based on voluntarily joined membership enterprises of the Republic of Estonia operating in the field of oil products.

The main objective of the association’s operations is to create better conditions for oil companies for successful activity in Estonian economy environment, representing interests of members of the association on the local, state and international level.

The objective of the operations of the association is also to improve on and to arrange the relationship between the members of the association by following the good conventions of business.

Areas of Activity

  • Participation in legislation process of commerce and economy law and applying statements about drafts of law according to the interest of members;
  • Participation in state (national) commissions of experts in the area of vocational education and other fields;
  • Communication with fuel associations of other countries and development of foreign affairs;
  • Observation and studying of Estonian and international oil products market;
  • Arranging of professional and vocational training;
  • Consultations and legal advice;
  • Handling the problems of environmental protection and utilisation of nature.
The Estonian Oil Association participates in the delegations of the Estonian Government in commissions of European Union. The Estonian Oil Association also participates in the FuelsEuropa – the European Petroleum Industry Association.